Port-of-Paris-(France)---Axe-Le-HavreAstmterdamThe Seine/Scheldt/Meuse axis  is a main axis of inland navigation in Western Europe.

The canals, rivers and river deltas in Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands provide a dense network of hinterland connections for a number of large North Sea ports as well as links between them. Already high traffic on this axis could be further increased by establishing the missing Seine-Scheldt transit link. 

With more than 20 Mio t/year for Paris and 13 Mio t/year for Liège, those two ports are the most important inland navigation ports of the corridor. Rotterdam is the biggest maritime port of the corridor with more than 200 Mio t. year of traffic, followed by Le Havre and Antwerp with about 60 Mio t /year and then Amsterdam and Ghent.

The Seine/Scheldt/Meuse axis will be relevant for several future corridors of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), including the Atlantic, North Sea-Mediterranean and North Sea-Baltic corridor.

Picture: Paris

Goods transport on Belgian inland waterways in 2013 in 1.000 t

Source: ITB



Goods transport in the Seine river bassin (in 1.000 t) in 2014

Source : VNF