LNG IWT Project Database

The Database lists projects according to four criteria: type of activity, place in the LNG chain, inland waterway corridor and project status. Additional information is provided on the projects’ contents, duration and partners as well as on the number of ships built and the ports concerned. Links to the different project websites provide access to further information and downloadable studies.

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The LNG IWT Project Database has been developed by the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR). Besides its regulatory works on authorizing the use of LNG as a fuel in Rhine navigation, the CCNR serves as a platform facilitating the introduction of LNG to inland navigation.

Data has been compiled by the CCNR together with major platforms for LNG in European inland and short sea shipping: Nationaal LNG Platform, MariTIM, LNG-Initiative Nordwest, TaskForce LNG Noord-Nederland/Energy Valley, Pro Danube Management GmbH (LNG Masterplan Rhine-Main-Danube) and Maritime LNG Plattform e.V. Additionally, several other key players and stakeholders have provided data on their projects.

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