Intermodal & Inland Waterway Transport Planning Tools

Find the best routes to and from seaports

InlandLinks – Port of Rotterdam

InlandLinks charts Rotterdam’s hinterland network and provides an overview of the most efficient intermodal routes. You can now also find out where empty containers are being taken or can be collected.

Port of Antwerp Connectivity Plattform

The Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform is a free web based application which offers port customers an easy access to all transport options in the port. You can in particular search for the most convenient intermodal connections from the Port of Antwerp to its hinterland network.

Intermodal Planner Zeeland Seaports Vlissingen and Terneuzen

A quick and easy way to find the ideal transport route for your container cargo to and from Vlissingen and Terneuzen.


Discover port and terminal locations and services

Europe: Intermodal Map of the German Promotion Centre for Intermodal Transport

Here you will find everything about combined transport (CT) terminals across Europe vividly illustrated in interactive maps.

Danube: Danube Ports

Danube Ports Online is an Internet tool presenting the relevant technical and economical data about the most important ports of the Danube Region between Kelheim in Germany and the Black Sea. Each port profile provides information ranging from general data to details about port administration, handling and storage facilities and devices, terminal operators, maintenance and disposal, as well as prospects for the future.

France: OLR – Offre Logistique du Réseau (in French)

L’OLR est une application permettant à un utilisateur d’identifier les solutions portuaires publiques répondant à un besoin logistique spécifique. Environ 200 quais publics sont référencés dans l’outil. C’est un outil d’aide à la décision logistique qui permet aux chargeurs d’optimiser leurs études de report modal.

Plan your inland waterway itinerary

France: Calcul d’itinéraire fluvial (in French)