Electronic Integration of the Logistics Chain

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Seaport Systems

Port of Antwerp Community System (APCS)


APCS is the network of systems and solutions for electronic communication in the port of Antwerp. APCS comprises the exchange of data between business to government (B2G), business to business (B2B) and between government agencies (G2G).

Port of Antwerp: Barge Traffic System


The Barge Traffic System (BTS) is a web application that came into use in 2007, primarily to simplify the handling of container barges in the port. The BTS acts as a unique platform for barge operators who load or discharge containers to make planning requests with Terminals and for the Terminals to give feedback regarding the Terminal planning to the barge operators.
In addition, all barge operators and Terminal operators are able to consult the lock planning in the port and the positional data of barges in Belgium and the Netherlands via the BTS. Barge operators are also able to consult nautical messages about the port and pre-announce their trip.
In the interest of smooth traffic in the port of Antwerp BTS is compulsory for all container Terminals and all inland barges loading and/or discharging containers. Other barge operators can register to consult the lock planning, positional data and nautical messages.

Port of Rotterdam: NextLogic


Nextlogic is working towards a more efficient handling of inland container shipping, with profits for the whole logistic chain. For barge operators, inland terminals, deep sea terminals and depots, shipping companies and ultimately also for forwarders and shippers. Recently, representatives of the logistic chain parties in inland container shipping unanimously endorsed the implementation of Nextlogic. This is a big step forward in terms of optimizing the chain together. Nextlogic focuses on reducing inefficiencies in inland container shipping, not only to facilitate, but also to stimulate the growth of this modality.

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