Best Practices in Intermodal Transport

Learn about best practices in intermodal transport including inland navigation!

ShortSeaShipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center (SPC): Collection of Reference Projects

Whether you contemplate bulk cargo, whole factories or first-class domestic appliances, a huge amount of modes of goods are predestined for waterborne transportation. And in many cases short sea shipping and inland waterway transports are the crucial factor in European supply chains. The question is, how could road and rail be perfectly interlinked to the waterway system?

InlandLinks: Collection of Intermodal Initiatives

Shippers and logistic service providers are using the intermodal transport possibilities increasingly often. Choosing rail or inland shipping, or a combination of them, makes the logistics process more flexible and provides a high degree of reliability. Cost reduction and lower CO2 emissions are also major factors in decision-making. This page shows you some inspiring examples of intermodal initiatives that came about in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam Authority.


Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (DINALOG): Demo Projects

European Good Practices Report for Inland Waterway Transport


VNF: Examples of Urban Waterway Logistics (in French)


Platform Synchromodaliteit (in Dutch)