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In 2013, 332 million t have been transported on the Rhine (Netherlands included). Differences in traffic intensity can be observed between individual stretches of the Rhine with a strong intensity on the Lower Rhine.

Density and direction of the Rhine traffic in 2013 

Source : CCNR calculation based on Destatis data


Concerning one of its tributary the Moselle, a cargo volume of 14 million t passed through the Koblenz lock in 2013. Solid mineral fuels, iron ore and scrap metal, together with agricultural and forestry products constitute quantitatively the most important goods segments on the Moselle, which in the case of coal and ores is attributable to the steel industry in Lorraine 5france) and in the Saar region (Germany).

Type of goods transported on the “traditional Rhine”(Netherlands excluded) in 2014 in 1000 t. 

Source: Estimation of the CCNR Secretariat