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Project activityType of projectElement of LNG chainIWT CorridorStatus
Truck-to-Ship Bunkering, Port of RotterdamImplementationBunkeringRhine
North European LNG Infrastructure ProjectStudyBunkeringDistributionLNG as CargoStorageSupplyMaritime (IWT-relevant)
Port Regulations on LNG Bunkering, Port of RotterdamRegulationBunkeringBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)Rhine
Gate Terminal (Port of Rotterdam)ImplementationStorageSupplyBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)Rhine
Harmonisation of Port Regulations for LNG Bunkering, Ports of Basel and RotterdamRegulationBunkeringRhine
Ship-to-ship Bunkering, Port of RotterdamImplementationBunkeringBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)Rhine
Break Bulk Terminal, Port of RotterdamImplementationDistributionLNG as CargoBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)RhineWadden Sea
Dutch Legal and Safety Assessment for small Scale LNG (LESAS)StudyBunkeringDistributionLNG as CargoStorageSupplyBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysRhine
Truck Loading Facility, Port of RotterdamImplementationDistributionBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysOther Inland Waterway/Not definedRhineWadden Sea