Keyword: Roadmap

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Project activityType of projectElement of LNG chainIWT CorridorStatus
Maritime LNG PlattformPlatformBunkeringDistributionLNG as CargoLNG as FuelStorageSupplyElbe & Northern German Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)Wadden Sea
Masterplan for the LNG Implementation on Rhine-Main-Danube (Strategy & Recommendations) (LNG Masterplan)StudyBunkeringDistributionLNG as CargoLNG as FuelStorageSupplyBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysDanube & MainRhine
Dutch Legal and Safety Assessment for small Scale LNG (LESAS)StudyBunkeringDistributionLNG as CargoStorageSupplyBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysRhine