Keyword: Antwerp

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Project activityType of projectElement of LNG chainIWT CorridorStatus
Ship-to-ship Bunkering, Port of AntwerpImplementationBunkeringBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)
Truck-to-Ship Bunkering, Port of AntwerpImplementationStudyBunkeringOther Inland Waterway/Not defined
Terminal Concepts, incl. Cost Assessment (LNG Masterplan)StudyBunkeringDistributionStorageDanube & MainRhine
Bunker Station, Port of Antwerp (LNG Masterplan)ImplementationBunkeringStorageBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysRhine
Bunkering procedures for barges and seagoing ships in the port of AntwerpGuideline/StandardRegulationBunkeringBelgian & Dutch Inland WaterwaysMaritime (IWT-relevant)